In our Sahra Health Hospital; Examination Room, Doctor Room, Waiting Room, Intervention Room, Optional Features such as Emergency Room, Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit, Morgue and Gas Room, Wc-Shower, Washbasin, Kitchen are available.

Hygienic Stainless Hospital Equipments Can be Added and Removed from the Optional Project.

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Sahra Sağlık Hastaneleri

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Sahra Sağlık Hastaneleri

Hygienic Air Conditioning And Ventilation Systems

Ic: From Aise Series At Least. 304 Stainless Steel (0,80 Mm)

Thread: At least 304 Stainless Steel I0,80 Mml from Aise Series

Ceiling-Base: At least 304 Stainless Steel (0,80 Mm) from Aise Series

Insulating Polyurethane With At Least 40 Density Density

External Walls 100 Mm Thickness

Inner Walls 80 Mm Thickness