Anatomy, Morg Medical Hospital Equipment

Our company operating in the field of production of stainless steel Morgue Medical equipment, material used prioritizes the quality of workmanship, ease of use and aesthetics. By following the rapidly developing technological developments equipped with the latest technology Our facility with a production track and a total closed area of one thousand square meters with Anatomy, We produce Morg Medical Hospital Equipment

Contracted Institutions

Ministry of Health, Municipalities, Cemetery Directorates, Hospitals, Red Crescent, Disaster Centers, Acute, International Funeral Transfer Centers, Central Gasilhouses, Forensic Medicine Institutions, Condolence Houses, Village Health Houses and Gasillaries, Mosques, Cem Houses, Churches, etc. turnkey R&D Project, supply and commitment, installation, Our training and service is provided all over the world with VOLINOX guarantee.

Quality and aesthetics products we manufacture.

Approximately 3,000 locations around the world sell our CE Certified products. We reached more than 20,000 users.

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